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Uniden UDR444 vs Uniden UDS655

Uniden UDR444 vs Uniden UDS655, 3.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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Rating: 3.7/5 (7 votes cast)
Uniden UDR444 Guardian Review Uniden UDS655 Review
    Monitor Size     
4.3″ 7″
  Recording Time    16 Hours 40 Hours
Weather Proof Yes Yes
Camera Range 40 feet 40 feet
Night Vision Yes Yes
Battery Rechargeable Li-Poly Rechargeable Li-Poly




Both the Uniden UDR444 and the Uniden UDS655 are two portable, professional and highly convenient digital wireless surveillance systems that can help you record videos quickly and effortlessly. Although these systems share plenty of features and functions ( for instance, they are both functional in dark and wet conditions, they are safe and can be installed within minutes), there are some notable differences in terms of functionality. In this review you will find out more about them, as well as some tips that will help you decide on the most suitable portable surveillance system for your needs. 

A Closer Look At The Main Differences

Both cameras have recording options that can be easily tailored to meet your needs, and they can record hours of quality footage on the MicroSD card that you can insert in the camera. However, one of the main differences between these two systems is that although both of them come with high resolution color monitors, the UDR444 series has a 4.3-inches portable monitor while the UDS655 has a color screen that measures no less than 7 inches and comes with a 800 X 480 high-resolution screen (unlike the UDR444, which has a screen resolution of only 480 X 272). 

You can easily watch the videos on any device (be it a computer, an iPhone or an Android smart phone) as long as you have Internet connectivity. Both cameras have a 40’ range in darkness or during the night time, and the UDS655 model comes with a comprehensive IR Cut Filter Switch feature that is especially designed to enhance the overall picture quality. Both surveillance systems come with two weatherproof cameras that will surely rise to your security needs, and the good news is that both of them allow you to expand the system by adding two extra cameras. You can zoom in to see certain features and details and you can easily control the system remotely. Both systems come with a rechargeable, long-lasting lithium polymer battery that can last up to 4 hours.

The bottom line is that these systems basically share the same features, from the digital zoom to the night vision capability, the audio monitoring or the schedule recording feature. However, the UDS655 is a better choice for those who want a large, easy to view monitor and who are looking for a system that can record continuously for up to 40 hours – the UDS655 can do just that, given the generous 4GB MicroSD card.


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