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Samsung SDS-P5080N vs Q-See QS558-852-1

Samsung SDS-P5080N vs Q-See QS558-852-1, 3.0 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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Samsung SDS-P5080N Q-See QS558-852-1
Samsung SDS-P5080N Review Q-See QS558-852-1 Review
    Storage     1 TB 1 TB
   Resolution   600TVL 600TVL
  Frames Per Second   480 240
Night Vision 82ft 100ft
Remote Monitoring Yes Yes
Support Lifetime Lifetime



Two of the the most talked-about video camera systems today are the Samsung SDS-P5080N and the Q-See QS558-852-1. Both have a few similar features that you can find in most systems. Read on to find out what sets them apart from the rest and from each other.



Samsung SDS-P5080N

The Samsung SDS-P5080N is a 16 channel system with DVR and 8 weatherproof night vision cameras. This is essentially your security system in a box. It comes with a 1T Seagate HDD with H.264 compression technology for extended periods of recording time. It is also smartphone and PC/Mac ready for easy computer access, capable of 480 fps, continuous recording and motion detection modes. The system utilizes BNC cables making it one of the most versatile systems in the market today.

Pros and Cons

One of the best things about this system is that it works out of the box and is easy to install. The color rendition in the screen is great for the price and it allows for remote monitoring through a smartphone which is a capability you only see in the newest systems. The color balance is exceptional in daylight. The system also changes to black and white in the nighttime. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that there is no power button to turn the system on or off, but this is hardly a problem if you are using the system in the house 24/7. The system also only allows one person to access the system remotely at any given time.


Q-See QS558-852-1

The Q-See QS558-852-1 is a 8-camera security system with real time D1 resolution, larger image quality for conventional CIF, and smooth and fluid movements with 240 fps of recording ability. The system supports 1 A/V rated SATA HDD up to 2 TB and comes with pre-installed 1TB of memory for immediate recording once the system is set up. It is smartphone, PC/Mac compatible and allows up to 10 users to log in the DVR at the same time. The system has multi-tasking functions which allows it record, play back and remotely monitor all at the same time. It also has a 704×480 display resolution for crisp images, HDMI connection and three viewing modes. Four recording modes allow users to customize their monitoring with Advanced Motion Detection, Alarm Sensor Trigger, Time Schedule and Manual.



Pros and Cons

The main advantage that this system has over the Samsung SDS-P5080N is that it allows up to 5 remote users compared to the latter’s 1. The system can also be manually turned off using the Manual mode.  Some users have also encountered problems with the DVR recording non-stop even when set on Motion Detection mode which may require technical help from the manufacturer.


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