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Q-See QC808-461-1 vs Lorex LNR282C4B

Q-See QC808-461-1 vs Lorex LNR282C4B, 3.1 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
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Rating: 3.1/5 (30 votes cast)
Q-See QC808-461-1 Lorex LNR282C4B
Q-See QC808-461-1 Lorex LNR282C4B
Storage 1TB 2TB
Resolution 720P 1080P
     Frames Per Second       30 30
Night Vision 100FT 100FT


Both Q-See QC808-461-1 and Lorex LNR282C4B are advanced surveillance systems that will take home security to the next level, as they are designed to provide crystal-clear, surround images of both the inside and the outside of your residence. Nonetheless, there are some small differences in terms of features, differences that will help you make the best decision between these two systems. Here is a brief overview of the most important ones:



What Is Different?

The Q-See QC808-461-1 has an outstanding, 8 channel digital NVR that is suitable for no less than 8 cameras, it comes with a handy HD video recording feature at a resolution of 720p and it also comes with 30 infrared LED lights that are suitable for night time vision – these LEDs can cover a total surface of no less than 100 feet.

The Lorex LNR282C4B, on the other hand, also comes with 8 channels for HD live video transmission as well as four premium cameras that are small yet highly advanced.

One of the most notable differences between these two is that the Q-See QC808-461-1 comes with a hard-drive that has 1TB of memory, while the other one has no less than 2TB which allows you to record up to 2000 hours of video, as well as to transfer them to your smart phone, computer or laptop quickly and effortlessly.

As a matter of fact, the Loren LNR282C4B even allows you to upgrade the hard drive to up to 8TB of memory – this aspect is particularly important if you live in a large mansion and you want to store every single recorded video.




What Features Do These Two Surveillance Systems Share?

One common feature is that both surveillance systems come with state-of-the-art mobile applications that allow you to see the footage on your smart phone device. However, it must be said that the QC808-461-1 model is slightly more versatile as opposed to Lorex LNC282C4B – the first one allows you to connect your surveillance system with iPhones, Blackberries as well as smart phones that use Android and Windows operating systems, while the latter comes with specific Ipad and Android applications.

Last, but surely not least, even though both surveillance systems are weather resistant and they can provide top-notch video recording even during harsh weather conditions like heavy rains or sand storms, the resolution quality can vary – the Loren LNR282C4B has a maximum resolution of no less than 1080 HD, which means that you no longer need to worry about blurred images.

Even though the other system does not share the same resolution, it does come with no less than 4 different POE ports (acronym that stands for Power Over Ethernet) that can be purchased separately (these cameras are not included in the package, yet they come with a one-year limited warranty as well as a comprehensive and straightforward software).



The Bottom Line

To conclude, both surveillance systems are great to have if you are a concerned homeowner who wants to get some peace of mind, knowing that his home is under surveillance on a 24-7 basis.

The most significant difference between the Q-See QC808-461-1 and the Lorex LNR282C4B is that the latter has a more generous storage space, as well as more options for upgrading the system and the hardware.


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