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Dropcam HD Vs. Dropcam HD Pro

Dropcam HD Vs. Dropcam HD Pro, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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   Dropcam HD     Dropcam HD Pro
Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Wireless Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera
   Field of view   



Zoom 4x 8x
Low light vision Ok Good
Video H.264 encoding, 720p HD H.264 encoding, 720p HD
Camera Color with digital zoom Color with digital zoom
Dimensions 4.5″x3.15″x3.15″ 4.5″x3.15″x3.15″
Weight 5.5oz (156g) 5.5oz (156g)
Night Vision High-power IR LEDs High-power IR LEDs
Audio Quality Good Excellent



Both Dropcam HD and HD Pro are manufactured by the same company, and although both these video monitoring cameras deliver outstanding performance for the money, there are several slight differences in terms of features for these two surveillance cameras. At the same time, the price difference should not be ignored either: while the Dropcam HD Wi-Fi camera can be purchased for around $150, and HD Pro version costs around $200.


A Closer Look At The Features – Dropcam HD Versus HD Pro

Dropcam HD comes with a CVR feature (Cloud Video Recording) that allows the camera to capture quality, clear images and to store them safely and securily – at the same time, the setup takes no more than 60 seconds and the camera comes with a wealth of useful applications, such as the Intelligent Alerts (where you will receive instant notifications for motion and sound) or the Mobile & Internet applications which allow you to watch live stream remotely using your mobile phone.


The Dropcam HD records at a 720p high-definition rate, it comes with an efficient night feature as well and it also allows you to set alerts based on the desired time of the day. The state of the art encryption system that is used for uploading and storing the footage is also designed to provide the user with the peace of mind he needs.


On the other hand, the Dropcam HD Pro is far more sophisticated, and two of the most notable aspects is that the field of view is improved (as opposed to the field of view of its predecessor, the Dropcam HD) and that this camera has a better performance in poorly lit environments. In spite of having almost the same design as its predecessor, the Dropcam HD Pro comes with a comprehensive and straightforward iOS setup and its lens and sensors are significantly improved as well – you can also control this camera quickly and without the fuss by using your smartphone, just like it happens with the previous model.


The sensor of this camera is bigger than the sensor of the previous version, thus allowing the camera to capture bright and colorful images that are sharper and clearer – like the name suggests, the footage is recorded in enhanced high definition mode, so you can see even the smallest details of the objects and the persons caught on the footage. The night recording feature should not be neglected either, as the Dropcam HD Pro is a lot better for night time recording!


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